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PATYKA is a Parisian skincare brand, whose origins date back to the 1920s. Certified organic, cruelty free, and vegan, with a minimum of 95% natural and plant ingredients, the brand creates truly clean products with ultra-concentrated active ingredients and proven effectiveness.

PATYKA’s core values are efficiency, ethics, excellence and sensoriality, all of which are reflected in each and every product. They create formulas that are more effective than conventional cosmetics, using exclusively certified organic assets and manufacturing processes. They collaborate with the best farmers to harvest botanical assets of exceptional quality, as well as with the top artisans and industrialists of France to develop the desirable scents and innovative packaging.

Amidst the roaring 20s, a Parisian apothecary formulated an elixir of essential oils, which quickly became the beauty secret of Parisiennes in the know – Huile Absolue was born.

Several decades later the formula of Huile Absolue (Absolute Oil) was rediscovered and gave birth to the Parisian House of Organic Cosmetics – PATYKA – from the ancient Greek “APOTHEKÊ” (pharmacy). Huile Absolue is not only still available today as part of PATYKA’s core range, it is also a cult classic that is renowned the world over.

Since then PATYKA has cultivated its heritage and developed original expertise in the field of green chemistry and biotechnology. In 2002, PATYKA was the first brand in the world to be certified organic (ECOCERT Label).

Made up of 5 core collections – Hydra, Clean, Pure, Nutri, and Body – each designed to target specific skin types – not only is there a product range for each and every skin type, they have also developed a unique 3 step anti-aging cleansing ritual that deeply cleanses while smoothing, firming and regenerating the skin.

Discover the full range here, exclusive to Skins Cosmetics.

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