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By  skins cosmetics

Digital Date Night

FaceTime, HouseParty, Zoom and Whatsapp – your Saturday night plans for the foreseeable future. We are exploring a new world, of virtual birthday parties, online catch ups, and even digital date nights! Here are some pro tips from makeup artist @makeupbydebi on how to get a gorgeous makeup look for any complexion, guaranteed to look effortless and glowy for your on-screen plans.

Step 1: Skin Prep

As we are going into winter, our skin is naturally becoming dryer and less vibrant. The skin preparation step is crucial says Debi, as you need a hydrated, healthy-looking skin as a canvas to apply your product. If your skin is rough and dry this will show up on camera.

“Start with an exfoliator/mild skin peel to remove all the dry dead skin from the face. I suggest Caudalie Glycolic Skin Peel Mask - This gentle peel is for everyone with a dull complexion needing an instant boost of radiance. This skin renewal treatment works like a scrub and a peel for a new skin effect. Apply the mask twice a week to dry skin, avoiding the eye contour area. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse with water. No downtime!”

Claudalie - Peel Mask - Skins Cosmetics

Step 2: Prime

The new Laura Mercier range of primers has a solution for every skin type. Debi suggests the Laura Mercier Illuminating Face Primer, perfect for under your foundation, as it has a light texture and is great for blurring imperfections. Just as a painter primes a canvas, Laura Mercier believes in priming the skin. This silicone-free breathable formula creates a protective barrier that extends makeup wear, and reflects the light to increase radiance.

Laura Mercier - Primer Illuminating - Skins Cosmetics

Step 3: Foundation

You want a light to medium coverage, especially for your digital arrangements. For that flawless-yet-effortless complexion, Debi recommends the lustrous Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation, for a light dewy look and a really flattering effect on camera. Apply it over the forehead and nose, and then brush it outward over the full face with your Laura Mercier Flawless Sponge, brush or BeautyBlender to achieve a seamless, natural-looking finish. You will be amazed to see skin veil become one with the skin. Should you want more coverage, apply a second layer. Available in 9 versatile shades for all complexions.

Ellis Faas Veil Foundation - Skins Cosmetics
Laura Mercier Flawless Sponge - Skins Cosmetics

Step 4: Cover Up

Covering up dark circles and imperfections is NB, especially in the harsh light of the computer screen!

The Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (available in 12 shades) is incomparable! And will do the trick without caking or looking heavy. If you want to go the extra mile, a light dusting of Laura Mercier Pressed Setting Powder over the forehead, nose and chin, will complete this look” 

Debi’s Pro Insider trick: use a damp sponge or BeautyBlender to set the powder on the skin. 

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer - Skins Cosmetics

Step 5: Eyes to Mesmerize

“So important to highlight the eyes as this will be the focus of attention on your digital date. The RMS Beauty Creamy Eyeshadow (Lunar) is ideal for this. Quickly applied with your fingers over your eyelid, you can control and build the product to your desired intensity. The natural minerals in the product provide a subtle reflective effect which is gorgeous on and off the camera.”

“If you prefer a powder eyeshadow, use the lighter shade of the Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc. Add a little to the lower lash line as well - brush it on the darker shade with a soft brush as close to lashes as possible, this adds depth to the eyes”

To finish off the eyes, Debi suggests The Ellis Faas Chocolate Brown Mascara. Its creamy texture coats each and every lash, and the brown shade will darken your lashes, in a subtle/”I didn’t try too hard for this call” kind of way ☺

RMS Beauty Creamy Eyeshadow - Skins Cosmetics
Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc - Skins Cosmetics
Ellis Faas Mascara - Skins Cosmetics

Step 6: Finish Up

If you have used the Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc, finish off your look with a light dusting over the cheeks, and sweep up towards the hairline.

You could also use a multifunctional cream stick like the Ilia Multi Stick, along the cheek bones and also on the lips for a nude and hydrated finish.

“Pull your look together fast with a chic, dark-nude lip – definitely line the lips, says Debi, and don’t be shy to go slightly darker than you usually would. You could fill your full lip in with your lipliner of choice, or go for a complimentary lipstick shade.

Why not try the Laura Mercier Longwear Lip Liner paired with the RMS Beauty Lipstick in Vogue Rose.

Debi’s Pro Insider trick: For a fuller looking lip finish, use a touch of gloss in the middle of your lips as a finishing touch, rather than overlining the lip line at this stage.

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