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Memo Sintra

With Sintra, Memo explores the meanders of an enchanting landscape, not far from Lisbon, Portugal. A city and its palace emerging from a colourful dream, with soft shapes and a thousand hiding places, surrounded by lush vegetation and various species, lulled by the sound of the nearby sea and the inviting freshness of the fountains.

The magic of childhood suddenly reawakened, its pastel colours, its comforting scents:

Sintra, a perfume where to find each other.

Sintra is the newest member of the Memo Art Land collection, a family of fragrances with an aura of an artistic practice tied to the earth, nature and its resonance. Art Land pays tribute to these territories readopted and transformed by the inspired hand of humankind, a fleeting creation like the trail of a fragrance.

Each Memo scent evokes a different memory of the brand’s founding couple, Clara and John Molloy, wanting to carry the world with them, where ever they go. They have explored the world of perfume to produce a unique collection of scents based on placed they have visited and loved.

The motto: ‘The journey is the destination’

The Sintra Memory

At the bend of a palace, an unexpected rainforest. The heart of an orange absolute. A succession of azulejos, the spiral of a hidden staircase, petitgrain after petitgrain after petitgrain after petitgrain? Welcoming visions everywhere. The glow of a vanilla absolute. A fountain murmurs, a turret smiles, a garden greets you with its hand. A castle does a peacock wheel. A soft and colourful walk, a stop soon and the surprise of a sweet marshmallow confectionery.

The present of childhood. Musks. Getting lost.

Reminiscence of childhood thanks to its marshmallow note brought by the Orange Blossom Absolute, the petitgrain and the Madagascar Vanilla Absolute. Both mellow and airy, thanks to the presence of musks, it has a very round, floral and fruity sweetness. Deliciously light, resolutely addictive. 

Key notes:
Orange Blossom, Neroli Absolute, Madagascar Vanilla, Soft Musks


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