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Memo Ocean Leather

Ocean Leather is the newest member of the "Cuirs Nomades" family, a collection exploring the leather note through six emblematic destinations, from Africa to Italy.

Each Memo scent evokes a different memory of the brand’s founding couple, Clara and John Molloy, wanting to carry the world with them, where ever they go. They have explored the world of perfume to produce a unique collection of scents based on placed they have visited and loved.

The motto: ‘The journey is the destination’

The Ocean Leather Memory

In the middle of the ocean, feeling an animal’s electric presence.

The water comes alive, the air is filled with a unique scent. A jet of water vapor appears, bringing a splash of Mandarin Oil, Violet, Basil essence. At first, an apparition. Then, it reveals itself, with its skin coloured like Elemi fruits, smooth and shiny, thanks to the millions of water drops.

A whale, carrying with him the murmur of depths, the stories shared from boat to boat, with decks smelling like Cedar Essence, the strength of sailors, their look, the power of their hands. In its track, the citrus freshness welcomes deeper nuances of Sage Absolute, Nutmeg, Vetiver essence. Imposing as an ironclad, its cuirass, its leather skin, protects it.

It is its force, its secret. And the Captain knows it.

Mandarin Oil, Sage Absolute, Leather Accord

Mandarin Oil, Basil Essence, Elemi Essence, Sage absolute, Nutmeg, Violet, Vetiver Essence, Cedar Essence, Leather Accord


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