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Discover the latest member of the Memo Art Land collection, Argentina.

With Argentina, Memo plunges into the heart of a territory, a country, to the rhythm of a dance, a passionate impulse. Argentina is embraced in its entirety, carried away in a single movement; that of a twirling tango. A dance of mixing, of travel, and on the dance floor, corolla shapes take shape. Like a rose, emblematic of perfume, queen of flowers and symbol of ardent love, an aromatic floral with a soft and warm background that envelops you in an elegant and delicate way, organizing the meeting of the rose and the oud, in a bewitching pas de deux.


A floral aromatic with a sweet and warm back, wraps you in elegant and delicate way, where rose and oud meet in a tango dance.

Memo Argentina - Whisper by Skins

Ambrette Absolute

Memo Argentina - Whisper by Skins

Rose Absolute

Memo Argentina - Whisper by Skins


Pyramid: Pink pepper, Ambrette Absolute, essence of Rose and Turkish rose absolute, Jasmine Sambac Absolute and Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Magnolia oil. Oud oil, Cypriol, benzoin


A vintage twist also characterizes Memo fragrances. To give the perfume the strength of a memory, you have to know how to let it blossom over time;
Memo compositions evolve beautifully on the skin and have great staying power.

The skin keeps them in memory. 

Here, the sun is a smiling character. Warm and welcoming as the oud. Here, the birds called hornero have a surprising, catchy and intense way of singing and calling their partners. Like a tango. This nomadic dance, symbol of travel, of the mixture of cultures and shared traditions expresses the constant surprise that is life.

A surprise like a touch of ambrette accompanied by a rose. The dancers are listening to their movements, full of audacity.

The dancers are listening to their movements, full of audacity. She wears a rose in her hair, her heels draw a corolla on the floor. Jasmine and Magnolia slip between their shoulders and waist. A heart of cypriol and benzoin resin accompany their heartbeat. Here the ingredients come into play. Offering a dancing formula, delicate, full of boldness, like a new and confident call. Here, the earth resonates with the dancers' steps, the sky is coloured with birds' songs and the air is filled with an enveloping perfume.


Discover Argentina in stores and online now, exclusive to Skins Cosmetics.

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