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Susanne Kaufmann – Brand of the Month

Brand of the month for February puts the spotlight on Susanne Kaufmann.

Fifth generation hotelier, skincare and wellness expert, busy mom, and renowned around the world for her namesake brand, she continues to be the guiding force behind her brand philosophy:


The brand’s high-performance products are produced with the greatest of care, marrying the beneficial properties of Alpine flora with proven skin science, supporting the skin so it can work at its best. The natural formulas are created using only the finest plants and botanicals, carefully chosen for their efficacy and skin affinity. 

Susanne Kaufmann - Whisper by Skins

Where it all Began

Susanne Kaufmann grew up in the Bregenzerwald, an idyllic region nestled in the Austrian Alps and famed for its natural beauty. As a little girl, her grandmother taught her about the beauty and wellness benefits that could be found in the plants that grew in abundance in the area.

Susanne Kaufmann is the fifth generation of hoteliers to run the acclaimed Hotel Post Bezau. After graduating from Swiss hotel management school Centre International de Gilon in Montreux, she took over the family business and developed it into a modern wellness destination rooted in the power of nature.


Her desire to create a wellness space deeply rooted in nature required a truly holistic approach, marrying effective anti-aging treatments with Traditional Chinese Medicine, exercise and a nourishing diet. The spa with its calm white rooms and glass partitions was designed by her brother, Oskar Leo Kaufmann, to ensure guests felt connected to the tranquillity and beauty of the outdoors during their visit.

Susanne’s collection of award-winning face and body products first launched in 2003 and was originally intended for exclusive use at the spa. However, guests soon started to ask if they could buy the products and take them home with them. Very quickly the brand became a global beauty phenomenon and today the product range is still growing while staying true to Susanne’s founding principles of results-focused beauty with a holistic approach to wellbeing. Susanne’s extensive range allows you to bring the spa all the way from the Swiss Alps right into the comfort of your own home, so relax, wind down and reset in the luxury that is Susanne Kaufmann

Masks for Days..

Discover the Susanne Kaufman face mask collection, created to rejuvenate and brighten your complexion, while providing targeted care for the very best results, these luxurious masks are suitable to all skin types and concerns, and ready to be a part of your regular skin care routine.

The rich and deeply nourishing Moisturizing Mask uses hyaluronic acid to revitalize tired skin, and is suitable to all skin types. The Calming Mask immediately soothes redness and irritation. If you need a deep and intense cleanse, the Healing Earth Mask draws out stress-related metabolic waste products and sebum from the deeper layers of the skin. We also love the Line A Lifting Mask, that instantly lifts, tightens and brightens the complexion, making it the perfect skin prep mask for special occasions.

Oils for Inner Peace..

The combination of a warm bath and a silken oil can’t be beaten when it comes to a stress relieving wind down routine. Soak away the stresses of the day with Susanne’s collection of indulgent bath products, created with the finest natural ingredients to nourish and protect your skin. 

Whether you bathe to start a new day or enjoy the sensation of warm water to unwind at the end of busy week, the bath collection is here to help you reconnect and recentre.

We recommend giving ylang-ylang and lavender a go, with Oil Bath for the Senses. The formulation has an aphrodisiac effect, while leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and boosting the skin’s protective barrier. Susanne explains the importance of breathing in, enjoying the fragrance, and breathing out. Take the time to practice some meditative breathing techniques while you relax. 

Scrub away the Day…

Susanne Kaufmann has used her heritage in spa and wellness to create a unique sensorial experience, blending together the finest natural plants and herbs for results-driven skin care. The Detox Oil Scrub speeds up the elimination of stress-related pollutants, by stimulating the body's natural detoxification process and improving blood circulation.

For a gentle lymph drainage massage, apply the scrub to your legs in a circular motion, taking care to move from the bottom of the legs up, and using the same motion from your hands toward your heart will stimulate the lymphatic system and rid your skin of dead cells and particles.

Bedtime Body Butter

Compliment your detoxing scrub treatment with the bestselling, skin restoring Body Butter, the rich formula will complete your body care routine and leave your skin with a soft and velvety feel.

After applying the Detox Oil Scrub, your skin will be prepped to absorb rich, nourishing ingredients more efficiently. The Body Butter from Susanne Kaufmann acts like an invisible protective layer on the skin. The rich butter stops the skin from drying out in the areas that take the most strain and can get irritated easily, such as the shins.

Shop the Susanne Kaufmann universe online, or visit us in store to discover the best skin and body care products for your skin type with our expert consultants. Consistently effective, naturally uncompromising, intense treatments, luxurious experience – this is this Susanne Kaufmann promise. 

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