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If you’re looking for a cleaner, more natural and ecological beauty routine, start with products that you use every day, twice a day: make-up removers & cleansers.

The Caudalie Vinoclean line gives you a choice of cleansers that are a treat for the senses with vegan and highly natural formulas and eco-friendly packaging.

The Vinoclean collection

Whatever your need, we have the make-up remover or cleanser for you…


Clean Skin

Vinoclean cleansers contain between 97% and 100% natural origin ingredients such as rose, grape and almond extracts for glowing and healthy skin.


Sweet Almond Oil
Orgnic Grape Water
Organic Rose Water
Castor Oil
Green Grape
Corn Flower
Clean Skin - Caudalie

Green Planet

The world skincare industry generates 120 billion pieces of packaging a year, half of which is not recycled.

Vinoclean bottles

Vinoclean bottles area made with 100% recycled plastic

  •  45% carbon footprint reduction
  •  50.8 tonnes of recycled virgin plastic instead of using plastic from petrochemicals

Vinoclean bottles are recyclable to meet Caudalie's zero waste objective by 2022.

  •  Metal removed from bottles
  •  Toner pump replaced by a recyclable cap

Shop the Vinoclean as well as the full Caudalie range in stores and online now, exclusive to Skins Cosmetics

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